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[11 Nov 2005|07:10pm]

okay i know lots of people have probably asked this, but im too tired to look through all these entries.

is there anything i can do/take to prevent the feeling of blacking out or fainting? or at least make it not as bad..
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mka fashion [28 Jan 2005|10:47am]

over the past week or so i decided to make a mka fashion "guide" kind of. i'm not sure what to call it, but basically i got a bunch of pictures of the girls in different outfits, then found the same or similar items from various websites. because there are so many pictures, i thought that putting on livejournal would be difficult..so i've decided to just email it to anyone who wants it. i have all of the pictures saved&labeled, but i still need to put the email together. i hope you guys will sign up to receive it. i worked really hard on it&i think it's just fun to look at..even if you're broke like me. so leave your email addresses if you want it&i'll email it to you whenever i get it together. <3
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listen up. [14 Nov 2004|12:37am]


ok, so we deleted all members.
and are starting over.
so join again, if you want too.
the last mod sucked, and messed with the wrong people.
so we are taking over.
its going to be better than ever.
we already put the new layout up, and we are going to have contests.
so remember, keep it to pictures.
and think thin.

ps: this is a closed membership community,
so dont cry if you dont get accepted.

FYI again: if you are part of the thinspirememk2 community, forget about applying here. we wont accept you.
also, all members now have posting access, so post away.

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